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  • Common Sense of Coffee Machine Maintenance
    Feb 15,2021
    Nowadays, people are used to drinking coffee and enjoying life. Regular maintenance of the coffee machine is very important. After the coffee machine is used for a period of time, a part of the water ...
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    Feb 08,2021
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    Feb 01,2021
    I. Make Italian cappuccinoCappuccino is one of the most popular and famous coffee drinks in the world. The perfect combination of milk and espresso is so popular that it inspired the creation of other...
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    Jan 22,2021
    I. The importance of the coffee machineCoffee is one of the most popular drinks at present. In work and life, drinking a cup of coffee can play a relaxing and concentrated effect, and the use of coffe...
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    Jan 15,2021
    I. Introduction of iced coffeeCold brew coffee has become very popular in recent years, which is a kind of coffee brewed in cold water for a long time. However, iced coffee doesn't take long time ...
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    Jan 08,2021
    I. Introduction to hot chocolateHot chocolate (also called "hot cocoa") is a hot drink made by mixing cocoa powder or melted chocolate with hot milk or water, usually with a sweetener such a...
  • How to Make Cafe Latte?
    Jan 01,2021
    I. The classification of cafe latteThe cafe latte is a classic blend of Italian espresso and milk. Coffeelatte is a type of fancy coffee, a perfect blend of coffee and milk. Italian cafe latte is mak...